A meditation

Technique/material: Live performance

In the live performance A meditation on turbulence I investigate the opposite of turbulence, and how we aim to achieve that in a world where things are changing faster than ever. Many people turn to the ancient practise of yoga/meditation in order to find balance and stability.

In the piece I perform a headstand while a thick liquid runs down my body, painting it in stripes of different shades of violet and creating a pool of paint on the black surface my head is placed on. The headstand is know as one of the finest yoga asanas. It has the ability to turn everything upside down, thus giving a new perspective on your surroundings and yourself. Turbulence which eventually leads to peace. The colour violet is the colour of the 7th. chakra also known as the crown chakra. This is the chakra that is stimulated during the headstand and it's the chakra connected to inner peace, the universe and the subconscious.

The liquid runs from blood bags which are attached to my feet. These bags refer to another way through which we try to find stability and peace in life, the artificial way, through medicating.

The sound played during the performance is the sound of the crown chakra frequency, which is 963Hz.

The piece is a durational piece. This particular version lasted for 12 min.

A meditation on turbulence was created for Warsaw International Performance Art Weekend 2016 where the topic was Turbulence.

Warsaw International Performance Art Weekend 2016 was curated by Anna Kosarewska and took place at Duzy Pokoj.

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Photo: Yulia Krivich